Hypertension – Causes and Symptoms

Hypertensive crisis fixed by electronic pressure measuring instrument over white background
Hypertensive crisis fixed by electronic pressure measuring instrument over white background

With a rapid change in lifestyles, work pressures, a fast paced life or even personal habits, hypertension has come across as a medical issue of significant magnitude and serious concern.
The condition is vastly prevalent in both, developing and developed countries. In United States, 67 million people are afflicted by hypertension, which is nearly one in every three adults, and only half of these people (47%) have the condition under control. Some other medical disorders which are equally risky are also attributed to the condition. Around 7 in 10 people who have their first heart attack are afflicted by hypertension. And the same stands true for stroke as well. Around 8 in 10 people who suffer from their first stroke have high blood pressure. Moreover, hypertension is very often linked with kidney ailments, and if one is suffering from a kidney disease, his chances of contracting hypertension are higher.

What is hypertension?

When our heart beats, it pumps blood through the entire body by means of arteries, and blood

Learning Yoga in an Exciting and Enthusiastic Way

Woman doing yoga, canon 1Ds mark III
Woman doing yoga, canon 1Ds mark III

Bali is a place where people from all around the world come to relax their body, mind, and spirit. It is just an island but has a beautiful nature. In this relaxing life if anyone wants to feel relaxed forever then he/she must join Yoga Training centers in Bali. These training institutes have the specialty that all reside around the flowing water, beautiful nature, and very silent surroundings so that it is always useful for transforming life in a new way. Every day at Yoga teacher training in Bali is with new excitement and new learning. It is kind of the journey which gives meaning to life. In the early 20s, there were only a few of Yoga training centers in Bali. Afterward, these training centers have become more popular day by day, and now there is a boom of training centers in Bali. A few of them are as follows:

Sama Yoga Teacher Training & Deepening course:

One of the best reviews for this training school is: “When Danny comes to this training school for learning Yoga.

Why You Need to Know Stroke Warning Signs at Any Age

stroke1Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the country. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, it causes more serious long-term disabilities than any other disease.

There are new treatments that greatly reduce the damage caused by stroke but that treatment needs to be administered – fast. The window of opportunity to start treating stroke patients is three hours. But a person needs to be at the hospital within 60 minutes of having stroke to be evaluated and receive treatment. The sooner the patient arrives at the hospital, the better chance they have at preventing disability. That is why it’s important for people of all ages to know stroke warning signs and what to do in case of this emergency.

A stroke is often referred to as a “brain attack”. It occurs when blood flow to the brain is stopped – due to a blockage by a clot. The brain cells in the immediate area begin to die because they stop getting the oxygen and nutrients they need to function.

There are two kinds of stroke. The most common kind of stroke, called ischemic stroke, is caused by a

Some Ways to Overcome Depression Naturally

What is depression exactly, and how do you get over it? Studies show that depression rates are on the rise in industrialized nations, and their number continues to climb. In fact, just about all of us will experience bouts of depression at some point in our lives. The trouble happens when we start to experience longer lasting and more persistent bouts of all those yucky feelings… It is important not to confuse depression with grief or sadness that is appropriate to a situation of bereavement or loss, as this is a healthy and normal state that is temporary. But when your feelings of overwhelming sadness, despair and lack of interest in normally enjoyable activities begins to take over your life, is when it may be a good time to think about being evaluated by a mental health professional.

I want to be clear that even though I espouse natural remedies, I am not on a crusade against anti-depressant medications. There are plenty of individuals that have had their lives turned around by the help of antidepressants. However, they are not without their risks, and I do want to point out some additional methods of treatment that can benefit sufferers alongside

Food and Depression, Can Food Make You Depressed?

Have you ever felt depressed, moody, flat, irritable and constantly lacking energy but have no idea why?? There’s a good chance that it could be your diet! If you cannot pinpoint and identify any other external factors that may be contributing to your mood, then let’s take a quick look at the food that you’re eating!

OK, so let’s just keep this really simple.. Do you regularly eat a lot of foods such as Pizza, Burgers, Cupcakes, White Bread, White Pasta, oily greasy take away food or fatty cuts of meat? If you answered yes, then please keep reading! If you answered no, keep reading anyway, you may learn something new!

So how does food actually effect our mood and contribute to depression? In a nutshell, all of the foods that we eat drastically effect our brain’s “mood chemicals”. In other words, they effect our hormones, neurotransmitters, metabolism and as a result our mood, emotions, concentration, focus and energy levels are altered and effected.

But wait! There’s good news! If you feel like your diet could do with a bit of a clean up and you want to be in a much happier mood on a daily basis, read on! We’re almost

Ten Tips for Glowing Bridal Skin

Every Bride desires to look pretty and distinctive on her D-Day. But often, they are bit confused as to how they can prepare their skin before the wedding event. Many brides focus only on getting bridal makeup on wedding functions. They usually forget that only bridal makeup doesn’t give their skin eternal glow that she deserves. Hence, it is more important for every brides to focus on skin at least 2 months before their big day.

There are many small things which a Bride can do in order to have long-lasting glowing skin. These 10 tips should be followed for 2-3 months before the wedding in order to get the gorgeous side of you:

1. Internal Health and Physical Fitness are very crucial for a glowing skin. A good health also lets you feel vibrant internally, thereby keeping you always fresh.

2. Natural Food intake must be increased, for example, fresh fruits, salads, fruit juices, green vegetables, Dalia, oats etc. should be part of the daily routine. Junk food must be avoided altogether.

3. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and stress reliever. It will relax your body & mind.

4. Water Drinking must be increased during the day. Your morning must start

Ozone Treatment – How It Works

There are different technologies of air disinfection but ozone treatment tends to stand out from the rest probably because of how effective the method is in dealing with all sorts of odors in any given area. Ozone is naturally a colorless gas with a pungent odor and generated when atmospheric oxygen rises to stratosphere and gets exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun. The natural creation of ozone is what gives spring rain that clean and fresh smell experienced after a storm.

When dealing with home odors, this same technique is used by the ozone generators used by odor removal professionals to offer you clean air same as that generated by nature. The equipment mimics the natural process of oxygen conversion into ozone. Considering that ozone is a highly effective sterilizer it inactivates any organic contaminant it comes into contact with. This highly reactive gas reverts back to stable form through the release of atoms that turn into oxygen in a continued cycle. As the oxygen atoms break free, organic matter, they touch is oxidized, thus organic contaminants are killed at the cellular level. The gas works by disrupting the cellular structure through the cell wall rupturing in a process

Laser Away Toenail Fungus

There’s never a good time for toenail fungus. It’s a year round embarrassment. For instance, sexy sandals and beach escapades are the norms in summer. No one wants to sit across from someone on the subway who’s wearing sandals that display discolored toes. No one wants to be on the beach wondering if they caught a toenail fungus from the lady with yellow toes two towels down, either. During cold weather, this pesky germ can ruin a yoga class or a romantic evening in quicker than anyone can dart under a mat or under the covers.

Getting rid of this problem can be challenging. The usual treatments include harsh liquid medications that patients paint onto their nails like polish. This type of medicine threatens to damage surrounding skin because of seepage. The other option is oral medication. However, it comes with the risk of liver damage. It’s an awful decision to have to choose between looking presentable and maintaining a fully functional liver! Seems kind of silly that people are left with so few options to treat this embarrassing problem. No one should ever have to lose liver function to have healthy looking feet. Well, the PinPointe Laser changes everything.